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In France more than 20 % of the available capacity of transport SMEs goes unused ; at the same time many industrial SMEs struggle to find transport partners for their small loads.

It was this assessment that triggered the creation of Click&Truck, the first BtoB marketplace to match manufacturers’ requirements with transporters’ available capacities in real time.

Being open to initiatives and trends in the sector, FM Logistic is supporting the young start-up whose purpose is to facilitate relations between SMEs to generate a win-win situation. 


Industrial and transport SMEs : complementary interests and needs


It is sometimes difficult for industrial SMEs to find transporters for their low volume loads (from 1 to 10 pallets) and it’s generally more expensive. As for finding a reliable, competitive provider able to give updates on delivery status in real time, well it’s a challenge.


Transport companies – nearly 40 000 in France, 90 % of which have less than 10 employees – are faced with the issue of optimising loads on a daily basis. The rate of empty runs is more than 20 %. It’s a major challenge for small companies that try to remain profitable but have no access to a diversified customer portfolio.


The solution ? Click&Truck, an idea originating from this complementarity of interests and needs. How it works ? Manufacturers’ requirements and transporters’ available capacities are entered into a database whose powerful search engine is able to align supply with demand in real time.  


Click&Truck, a network inspired by a collaborative economy


This industrial-and-transport-SME-dedicated network functions in the same way as collaborative sites for private individuals.

  1. Industrial SMEs enter their requirements, pick-up and delivery addresses, the number and type of pallets concerned and the desired delivery slot
  2. Transport companies enter their scheduled trips, dates, available capacity, and (if applicable) any additional services on offer.
  3. The tariff is calculated automatically according to distance, necessary detour and any additional services requested.


Following each job, transporters are assessed by manufacturers. This creates a cross-reference system of evaluation and performance indicators for each transporter.






On-line transactions and payments are secured by prior verification : compliance to legal requirements, credit investigation...

In case of dispute, an on-line management system facilitates the exchange of factual information recorded in the platform.


Veritable facilitator, Click&Truck brings a sustainable answer to the challenges of SMEs :

  • Improving truck loading rates : more potential customers for transport companies, productivity improved due to fewer empty runs,  payments guaranteed with dematerialised proof of delivery and business sustainability ;
  • Flow pooling : manufacturers have access to competitive prices with reliable partners in a click, for secure deliveries with real time tracking, high performance traceability and secure on-line payment ;
  • Rationalising resources : vehicle use is optimised, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.


First test phase


The Click&Truck project is has been in its trial phase since the end of summer 2016. It is being tested in 3 large regions in France : les Hauts de France, l’Île-de-France and Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne.

Initial feedback is expected in October. There should be developments by the end of this year and the objective for next year is national network coverage.


When interviewed on the concept of Click&Truck, Caroline Sulfour, its creator explained : « The collaborative economy is part of our daily lives. Click&Truck is the transposition of this concept to the world of road freight transport. I am convinced that the future will be built on greater resource sharing and better collaboration between all players in the chain.  Click&Truck’s ambition is to create a network that makes relations easier between industrial and transport SMEs so that everyone’s a winner ».


About  Click&Truck

Click&Truck is the result of an entrepreneurial project. After spending 10 years designing and improving collaborative solutions for big names in French industry and distribution, Caroline Sulfour created the start-up in Avril 2016 with the support of FM Logistic. It’s the first BtoB marketplace to match industrial SME requirements in goods transportation with transport SMEs’ available capacities in real time.

The purpose of the start-up is to set up a collaborative network between these companies. It aims to develop on the French market before tackling European.


About FM Logistic 

Since its creation in 1967, FM Logistic has become one of the international leaders in the fields of warehousing, transport and packing. As an independent and family-run Group, it is recognised as being expert in the consumer goods, distribution, perfume/cosmetics, manufacturing and health markets.

FM Logistic is present in Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Western Europe and Latin America with 21 800 members of staff and over a billion euros in revenue.

As well as internationalisation, FM Logistic’s development is built on a strong policy of innovation and respect for the environment. The Group pioneered the “pooling” concept (shared transport and logistic resources), for which they received numerous professional distinctions.

As an eco-responsible company, FM Logistic is a member of Green Freight Europe, a programme whose aim is to improve the ecological performance of goods transportation in Europe.

In 2015, the Group created CityLogin, the green solution to logistic requirements for the last mile of delivery in major European cities.