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Thanks to Citylogin, the sustainable logistic project, we will save 2,9 tons of CO2 for each single truck.


FM Logistic, the international logistic operator leader in the supply chain and transport market, spread in 13 different countries and with a turnover of 1.034 million euros, signed a new contract for the distribution of goods on all Carrefour Markets present within Milan’s city center, called Area C, with low CO2 emission trucks.


Since the beginning of February 2017 the deliveries distribution to Carrefour shop markets in Milan’s City Center (Area C) is deployed with a bimodal truck. If the outputs of the tests are positive the project will be extended with the introduction of new hybrid and bimodal trucks.


 “The agreement we reached with Carrefour, that we hope to extend also in the city of Rome, it’s a key point of the sustainable logistic project we are carrying on thanks to Citylogin - declared Ugo Lemorini, FM Italy General Manager - We are talking about an innovative model which helps us to introduce the “0 Kilometers” concept also in transport businesses. We are very proud about the success the new service is gaining, born in Italy, but also deployed at Group Level”


Starting from February 2017 the rules to get in the Central Area of the City have been changed and restricted, extending the prohibition to access also to Euro 4 diesel vehicles without filter. Today on the other hand hybrid and electric vehicles have complete free access with no entrance ticket need.

Citylogin is the company which provides logistic services designed for the historical centers of Rome and Milan, born thanks to the partnership between FM Logistic and Mag.di. It considers bimodal and electric trucks through an innovative proximity hub system, distribution and cross docking centers close to the delivery zone. The platforms allows us to increase the efficiency of our transport services. Our trucks cover shortest trip and waste less time in loading/unloading procedures, cutting fleet’s costs. Citylogin is a micrologistic solution, which allows our clients to manage smaller stocks within the shops and to order goods toward an online portal, booking van sharing services. The project was born in Rome in 2014 and is now in the deploying phase at Group Level