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With the spectacular development of e-commerce since the beginning of the 21st century, consumers have become ever more demanding. According to a recent study*, 
45 % of e-traders said that it took over four hours to process an order and give it to the carrier, while 58 % of cyber-buyers wanted delivery the same day.


In order to optimise e-order processing in warehouses, FM Logistic with partner Balea, specialist in logistic solutions, has developed an innovative solution adapted to e-commerce ; the e-Shopeur. The e-Shopeur is a trolley designed to make order picking easier for internet orders.


* Temando survey– June 2016 – Assessment of dispatches in e-commerce in 2016



« New generation » e-commerce order picking


The mobile e-Shopeur is a real time-saving solution. It is agile and reactive with a triple-control function: scanner/hand sensor/weighing system.

It enables up to 48 orders to be picked simultaneously and ensures accuracy with the scales integrated in each plate. The on-board IT system guarantees picking traceability.


The e-Shopeur relieves operators of control tasks by checking orders in real time and detecting any errors, with a high rate of accuracy. It is easy to handle owing to its independent wheel system and can be moved around with one hand.


Logistic operations have to be quick, and this system saves nearly 2 hours every day in the warehouse, resulting in optimised productivity.  


Precise and intuitive to operate


The e-Shopeur is user-friendly and ergonomic. There are five operational steps:

-     Article identification and operator location ;

-     The number of items to collect is indicated on the touch screen fixed to the trolley ;

-     The operator puts the items into a compartment indicated by a light display ;

-     The light curtain checks that orders are in the right container ;

-     The on-board scales check the weight of orders and validate them.


Following a successful test phase, the solution was deployed firstly at
FM Logistic’s Château-Thierry platform (02) in October 2016, then at other sites in France, Poland and Russia.


In 2017, the logistics provider intends to offer e-Shopeur to its customers, particularly to those in the pharmacy and cosmetics sectors as well as to customers in
e-commerce, textile and accessories.   



About FM Logistic

Since its creation in 1967, FM Logistic has become one of the international leaders in the fields of warehousing, transport and packing. As an independent and family-run Group, it is recognised as being expert in the consumer goods, distribution, perfume/cosmetics, manufacturing and health markets.

FM Logistic is present in 13 countries with 21 800 staff members and 1.034 billion euros in revenue at March 2016, up by 2.9 % on the previous financial year at constant rates