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The European Technology Platform ALICE announces the appointment of Pablo Gómez as its vice president who will combine this vice presidency with the responsibility of the business in FM Logistic.  

Vice-Presidents of ALICE together with the President (P&G) lead the Executive Committee and represent ALICE in interactions with the European Commission and other actors for the definition of innovation strategies in the field of logistics in Europe.

ALICE is set-up to develop a comprehensive strategy for research, innovation and market deployment of logistics and supply chain management innovation in Europe. "Logistics is a key sector for the European economy. European transport policies and the investigations, increasingly recognize the importance of logistics for the economy and the development of sustainable transport “says Pablo Gómez.

In addition to his direct responsibility in Iberia's business, Pablo Gomez assumed in 2015 the Group's Innovation Direction in FM Logistic, developing since then the strategy on open innovation and in collaboration with other actors of the market to advance and take full advantage of the opportunities that new technologies provide the sector.

ALICE is based on the recognition of the need for an overarching view on logistics and supply chain planning and control, in which shippers and logistics service providers closely collaborate to reach efficient logistics and supply chain operations. ALICE engages with all different kind of stakeholders operating in the Logistics sector.

About FM Logistic

Since its creation in 1967, FM Logistic has become one of the international leaders in the fields of warehousing, transport and packing. As an independent and family-run Group, it is recognized as being expert in the consumer goods, distribution, perfume/cosmetics, manufacturing and health markets. FM Logistic is present in Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Western Europe and Latin America with 20 000 staff members and over a billion euros in revenue.