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Job summary

FM LOGISTIC IBERICA select, for our center in Ansoain (Navarra), an ADMINISTRATIVE for the traffic area, with a technical profile in charge of organizing and managing the company’s means of transportation to comply with load planning and satisfy customer orders.

National road transport of full loads and groupage. You must become familiar with the regulations and specific legal and administrative requirements for road freight traffic to which the means of transport with which the company works are subject.

Job description


  • Planning, design and optimization of routes. Negotiation with suppliers. Outsourcing.
  • Customer service. Shipment tracking.
  • Recording, assignment and valuation of services. Coordination of the activity with other delegations. Management of incidents.

Candidate profile


  • Experience in traffic or logistics is not necessary, but it is highly valuable.
  • Ability to organize your work.
  • Proactive attitude and teamwork.
  • Ability to multitask.
  • Good command of Excel
  • Average level of English is valuable.

Time availability to work full time (flexible entry/exit with 1 hour lunch break).

Public transportation close to the work center.

Application agreement salary.

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