How to provide a better E-commerce delivery experience?

E-commerce was already growing at a steady rate, when the COVID-19 pandemic sent the trend to attain sky-high limits. Worldwide, the e-commerce share of retail sales soared from 14% in 2019, to 20% in 2021. Since then, it has continued to grow in some markets, while stabilizing in others. This unpredictability has created a range of new challenges for … Continued

Wearable technology: The future of work in the warehouse

Protecting  worker’s health in the warehouse and offering valuable physical insights into the behaviours and postures. That’s what wearable technology can do to help with enhancing the productivity levels, and improving the image of the profession, among the future workers. Occupational diseases and accidents are estimated by the International Labor Organization to cause nearly 3 million deaths. In … Continued

Trends in Logistics and Transport for 2022

According to data from ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade), the transport and logistics sector represents 7.9% of Spanish GDP, which rises to 10%, if we include logistics activities carried out by industrial, commercial and service companies. The current turnover of this sector reaches 111,000 million euros, generates almost one million jobs, and includes a … Continued

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