Keys to efficient national transport

95% of freight transport in Spain is carried out by road. This is an activity with important challenges ahead, such as the decarbonisation of the sector, restrictions on access to city centers for polluting vehicles and safety in deliveries.  The important points to manage efficient national transport are:  Immediacy. Customers value the here and now. Late … Continued

Supply Change: our commitment to sustainability

FM Logistic Ibérica following its sustainability strategy, Supply Change, designs and manages responsible supply chain models promoting changes in consumer habits and in our society. It is therefore responsible for decarbonising its logistic activity in order to be carbon neutral, create positive impacts for the planet and be fully sustainable in its operational activity. Our … Continued

How can we reduce expenses in logistics?

How can we reduce costs in logistics? Insufficient logistics planning can be very costly. Adapting correct cost optimization strategies in the supply chain is one of the most decisive actions of any logistics operator. Some of the measures to consider are: Sign logistics cluster agreements Clusters are groups of companies, which join their interests, in … Continued

Trends in Logistics and Transport for 2022

According to data from ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade), the transport and logistics sector represents 7.9% of Spanish GDP, which rises to 10%, if we include logistics activities carried out by industrial, commercial and service companies. The current turnover of this sector reaches 111,000 million euros, generates almost one million jobs, and includes a … Continued

The 10 benefits of green hydrogen in logistics

The 10 benefits of green hydrogen in logistics. In recent years, green hydrogen is being discussed and promoted as an alternative, to polluting fossil fuels, to decarbonize the logistics and industrial sector. And it also has several benefits at the domestic level. Spain is a power, that stands out in the field of renewable energies. … Continued

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