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La logique des transports urbain

Our group

2012-2022 : engaged together in a great international adventure

50 years of success

FM Logistic is a family business. Since it was founded, in 1967, it has climbed the steps of success one by one. Today it is one of the principal international players in logistics.

Strong human and entrepreneurial values to be put across

FM Logistic: a company based on values resulting from respect for relationships between individuals

Giving meaning to what we do, doing what we say, creating a positive atmosphere in the workplace and many other aspects that develop a sense of pride and belonging in the company's employees.

Nurturing these values also means upholding demanding standards.

Sharing the same values

Our corporate culture is based on strong cohesive values:


Each collaborator is important and deserves respect, consideration and benevolence.

Trust allows each collaborator to give their best. Trust enables energy, promotes cooperation and autonomy.

It is the foundation of lasting relationships within the company, with customers and partners.

Trust is given, naturally and built over time.


The long-term ambition of our company relies on sustainable customer satisfaction and achievement of demanding results.

This performance requires us to strive for quality, safety and continuous improvement on a daily basis.

Collaborators are the key players of our performance thanks to their excellence, their collective commitment and their sense of responsibility.


In a changing world, our company must constantly reinvent itself and innovate to offer the best solutions to our customers.

Openness enables the questioning of what’s existing by listening to stakeholder parties. It promotes win-win relationships in a spirit of partnership.

It enables each collaborator to show curiosity, creativity and initiative.

2014: an exceptional award honouring our 47 years in business

"The Chênes du Grand Est Family Business Grand Prize" "The Chênes du Grand Est Family Business Grand Prize" We were selected from 178 family businesses in the Grand Est (North East France) based on key criteria which enable generations to succeed one another and, like the might oak, live for many years.

We share our pride in this award with our employees. It is with the confidence of a sustainable company that together we will join those family businesses that have survived for a century.

Claude FAURE – Co-founder and Honorary President

Governance bodies

This governance meets international requirements: independence between the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, the presence of qualified independent managers as a majority on the supervisory board and the formation of committees.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors determines the financial and legal structure of the company and validates the strategy (new countries, new market sectors etc.) put forward by the Executive Committee.

  • Jean-Claude MICHEL - chairman
  • Claude FAURE - co-founder of FM Logistic 
    and honorary president
  • Régis BELLO - independent manager
  • Gilles FAURE - original family manager
  • Marie-Laure FAURE - original family manager
  • Olivier Faure - original family manager
  • Vincent MERCIER - independent manager
  • Monique ZOMENO - independent manager

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee manages company operations, commercial developments, as well as management and human resources choices.

  • Jean-Christophe MACHET – committee executive officer
  • Vittorio BATTAGLIA – transport director and general manager of Italy
  • Yannick BUISSON – managing director for Western Europe
  • Daniel CIZ – finance and purchasing director
  • Cécile CLOAREC – human ressources, communication & sustainable development director
  • Stéphane DESCARPENTRIES – Asia Director, strategic projects and mergers & acquisitions
  • Hervé DUJARDIN – sales director 
  • Pierre-Antoine JANOT – business solutions director
  • Christophe MENIVARD – managing director for Eastern Europe

Key figures

FM Logistic has resolutely entered into an in-depth transformation phase that will allow it to meet the objectives of the Ambition 2022 plan.

The group breaks the billion euro turnover threshold.

The People







2015/2016 financial year

After two years of consolidation, we are stronger than ever. Our revenue stands at 1.075 billion euros, up by 4.2 % on the previous financial year. We have exceeded our budget in terms of income, with an EBIT of 31 million euros, an increase of 29.5 %. This high performance has been achieved despite a highly competitive context in which customers constantly demand lower prices.

The world economy is sluggish, and crisis continue in Russia, Ukraine and Brazil. We are also struggling with a labour shortage in Central Europe which is pushing salary costs up by 8 to 13 % depending on the country. It is true that in this unfavourable economic climate, our operating profit is slightly lower than forecast, but our income constitutes a real operating and sales accomplishment.”


Jean-Christophe MACHET, Chairman of FM Logistic's Executive Committee

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