Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain

3 main programs


How :

An operational team (from truck driver to operational director) & continuous improvement experts, make an operational diagnosis and define the plan of action. 

Summary of contents :

  • Defining & measuring performance
  • Value chain mapping
  • Observing procedures in the field
  • Identifying muda, mura , muri
  • Evaluating the management system
  • Evaluating the 5Ss & visual management
  • Defining actions


How :

Training on continuous improvement basics and the creation of routine improvement cycles involving all teams.

Summary of contents :

  • Defining waste & standards
  • Training on problem solving methods (Ishikawa diagram, 5W, QQOQCCP, …)
  • Training on continuous improvement organisation (lean board, visual management …)
  • Launching standardised improvement cycles


How :

Comprehensive training programme on the different, action-oriented  aspects of continuous improvement.

Summary of contents :

  • Training modules : waste, problem solving, active supervision, implementation strategy …
  • Combining concepts, methods, tools and exercises
  • Customised implementation concept : supporting workshops, action plans, training new staff…

Continuous improvement

The aim of our continuous improvement policy is to create value for both our customers and ourselves. 

Global Security

Security is fundamental in the running of the company. To be well run, it has to be well secured :

  • Service and product safety are obligations to our customers ;
  • Property and asset safety are obligations to our shareholders ;
  • Expatriate and business trip safety are the very foundations of our responsibility commitment to our staff.

The Group's global security plan contributes to its economic security.

Our teams' operational intelligence, skills, and expertise in the field, are our best assets ; they make us more competitive and strengthen our operational excellence.

Directly inspired from our value-added production system, the different programmes that we implement in all of our business activities and countries are based on three ideas :

  • Calling our processes and operations into question, by permanently reviewing them,
  • Back to basics, eliminating non-value-added operations and simplify flows,
  • Collective intelligence, getting everyone to feel involved ; the key to reliable improvement.


Our continuous approach is implemented in 3 main programmes.