Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain

Sustainable development

Since FM Logistic was created, a sense of responsibility has nourished its corporate culture and supported its growth.


FM Logistic has always aimed to satisfy its stakeholders, in the way sustainably and equitably: staff, clients, shareholders, partners, suppliers and society; everyone involved has made a commitment and demands continual improvement. These commitments unite us, and inspires all of our staff to get involved, while respecting the environment, safety procedures, and above all, customer satisfaction.



The way to excellence between our clients and tomorrow’s Supply Chain

  • We hold ourselves accountable to our clients
  • We stand by the excellence of our services
  • We are committed to continual innovation


A strong determination to act for the preservation of the environment.

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Prevention of pollution risks
  • Reduction of the impact of our business on the environment
  • Use of clean technologies
  • Communication and continuous improvement


Our corporate culture is founded on the notion of team spirit and responsibility. People are the company’s strength and together we share the success of FM Logistic. In terms of sustainability and in order to preserve the future, our Commitments in Safety and Health at work lead us to be a zero accident company.

The approach

  • FM Logistic is committed to sustainable development

    "Sustainable development is a recent expression of what is for us, a long-standing culture. The acceptance of all of our responsibilities as an international company has always structured our development. Looking ahead and looking to the long-term to secure the future: this is the vision that our founders engraved into the identity of FM Logistic.

    With our staff, customers, partners, suppliers, share-holders and the community, we have always tried to create well-balanced, profitable and sustainable relationships, in an environmentally acceptable way. By adopting a structured approach that meets the most demanding of international standards, FM Logistic reinforces its commitment to sustainable development.

    An honorable standard, that is also dependent on everyone getting involved, to improve our united contribution to the future of the planet, through small gestures as well as major actions. The Management System’s and Sustainable Development’s teams are available to assist FM Logistic staff in their commitment and its realization."

    Olivier Faure, FM Logistic Sustainable development director