Tendências de consumo e mercado
Tendências de consumo e mercado

Black Friday 2022: Consumer trends and habits

Black Friday will be celebrated on November 25. During Black Friday the Christmas shopping season is inaugurated and many stores and stores offer big discounts and sales on…

Em November 4, 2022

Black Friday will be celebrated on November 25. During Black Friday the Christmas shopping season is inaugurated and many stores and stores offer big discounts and sales on their products.

According to a study conducted by Flat 101, on customer behavior taking into account opinions about Black Friday 2021, the age range that buys the most during this day is 27-39 years old at 47% and by gender, it is women at 53%.

According to data obtained from the same survey, 62% of those surveyed made some type of purchase during Black Friday. Ninety-one percent of those consumers shopped online and the remaining 9% shopped in person at a physical store..

Despite the fact that many consumers celebrate the discounts during this day marked on the calendar, many other people highlight that they have not bought any product because: they had no need to buy any item, disinterest towards Black Friday and misleading discounts. These people label this day as consumerist.

Purchase planning

44.9% of respondents plan their purchases and the most used ways are: wishlist, 29.37%; pre-Black Friday product links, 22.38%; shopping cart, 16.08%; screenshots, 13.29% and making a complete list with several stores where to buy the desired products, 9.79%.

Some 34.97% said they only buy products chosen in advance; 20.98% of respondents had no intention of buying anything during Black Friday but were encouraged to buy because of an exclusive offer on that day and 37.76% had no prior planning whatsoever.

Discounts and expectations

Some 51.05% of the respondents expected discounts of between 31% and 50%; however, 65.03% said they had only found discounts of between 16% and 30%. Another point to take into account is that 20% of the respondents say they have not found any discount or very low discounts of 15%. Only 1.40% of consumers have found discounts of 50% or more.

On the other hand, the most demanded products are: fashion, 51.52%; computer equipment and electronics, 32.58%; and health and beauty, 21.21%. The least desired items during Black Friday 2021 were: groceries, 3.79%; pet products, 3.03%; and hardware and gardening, 2.27%.

Reverse logistics

46.85% of consumers make purchases on Black Friday thinking about the possibility of returning a product. After making the purchase, only 23.08% want to return it. The environmental impact of home deliveries must be taken into account. In the last decade, large cities have included laws to regulate traffic and pollution in big cities. Even so, we are far from seeing last-mile urban distribution fully decarbonized. 25% of pollution in cities comes from last-mile logistics. So, it is necessary to think carefully about what to buy and not to buy several sizes of the same product with the intention of returning it. This action involves many deliveries and many unfounded shipments with many negative consequences for the environment.

Black Friday Forecast 2022

In spite of inflation, the economic crisis and the sharp rise in prices that we are experiencing not only in Spain but in the rest of the world, according to data collected in a survey conducted by Webloyalty, the average expenditure of people during this Black Friday 2022 will grow by 25% and the number of buyers will grow by 18%.

On the other hand, the average spending of each consumer will also grow and is expected to stand at €160 and the favorite way to make purchases will continue to be ecommerce, which will also grow during Black Friday by 23%.

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