FMCG (Fast-moving Consumer Goods) China

Cost effective solutions for FTL/LTL transportation in China

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The client

Our customer

An industry leader in the production of yellow rice wine and one of China’s top 500 companies. A state-owned company, its products occupy 50% market share in the Chinese rice wine market.


  • Our client was looking to continuously and effectively cut cost on transportation;
  • The customer was in need for a unified service standard and process on order management and operation quality in transportation management;
  • The customer required a visualization of shipping orders, especially on delivery and the E-POD;
  • And needed regular operational quality reviews and solutions for transportation improvement.

Our contribution

  • #Transportes

1. FM Logistic provided a standard delivery operation process, including fixed customer service staff, and standard operation process from order confirmation, appointment to pick up, until E-pod upload;

2. 5% cost savings compared to the rate of the previous year;

3. Provided return service of empty trays;

4. Provided GPS and portable tracking devices to improve the visualization and convenience of order check;

5. Provided e-pod, convenient for customers to inquire and save;

6. Booking delivery and confirmation feedback.

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Agility to handle business demands :

  • Standardized workflow to improve customer communication efficiency and cargo safety

  • Reduce transportation cost

  • Improve transportation visualization, and continuously improve the quality of transportation management

  • Wide product choice for consumers and customisation

  • Strengthen the relationship of their customers

Key numbers

  • 100%

    on time pick up rate

  • 100%

    on time delivery rate

  • 0

    complaint and damage during trial operation

  • 100%

    billing accuracy

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