Moët Hennessy trusts its transport and warehousing services to FM Logistic Ibérica

Moët Hennessy, beverage group, wines and luxury champagnes, and FM Logistic, an international logistic operator, have signed an agreement for the management of their logistics…

Em May 1, 2022

Moët Hennessy, beverage group, wines and luxury champagnes, and FM Logistic, an international logistic operator, have signed an agreement for the management of their logistics in the Iberian Peninsula. FM Logistic will carry out warehousing, FM Logistic will perform warehousing, order picking, transport and co-packing activities for its new client.

On the one hand, the products of Moët Hennessy are located, for the most part, in module B4 of the warehouse that the logistics operator has at its headquarters located in Illescas (Toledo). They are located in module B4 because it is the place where tax-suspended beverages can be stored, as well as marketing materials not affected by excise duties. As well as, the whole of module B4 is a tax warehouse.

On the other hand, returns will be handled in module B2, because this is where the tax-paid products are stored. The excise duty on alcohol and alcoholic beverages is refunded when an order is placed and the goods leave the warehouse. Previously, a sealing operation was carried out, in which seals are added to the different bottles if necessary. The sealing refers to the payment of the tax on the bottle. 

Storage space

The Illescas warehouse stores an average of 4,000 pallets divided into different areas. On the first area, marketing material; on the second area, sparkling wines and still wines. In other words, those with no added wine alcohol or with a carbonic gas concentration of more than 4 grams. Finally, the final area, spirits, those beverages with alcoholic content from the distillation of agricultural raw materials (grapes, cereals, nuts, beetroot, sugar cane, fruit, etc.). 

“We are very happy with this agreement as it will allow collaboration between two companies that are looking for excellence and the possibility of always offering the exceptional product that their customers are looking for,” explains Álvaro Íñiguez, Operations Director at FM Logistic Illescas.

Among the different brands that FM Logistic will manage in its warehouse are: in the still wine category, Numanthia, Château d’Esclans, Terrazas de los Andes or Cape Mentelle among others; in the Whisky category, Glenmorangie or Ardbeg; in the Cognac category, Hennessy; at Vodka category, Belvedere; and in the Champagne category, its star product, Dom Pérignon, Moët & Chandon or Veuve Clicquot, among many other brands. For high-value products, the logistics operator has set up a sector with a unique locking system that can only be opened by authorized staff. 

“The signed collaboration agreement between Moët Hennessy España and FM Logistic will allow us to improve all our operations. Both in terms of storage and distribution in a more efficient and sustainable way to align with the regulations of our Group. Moreover, this will allow us to work with a partner who has the same objectives as us. For better coordination of the teams, we have held a physical meeting to increase synergies and analyze the different work roles. We are very excited about this important change,” says Moët Hennessy Spain’s Operations team.

As a result, with an average of 100 orders per day, the logistics are very demanding and require a large operational team.

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