Performance da Supply Chain
Performance da Supply Chain

How to provide a better E-commerce delivery experience?

E-commerce was already growing at a steady rate, when the COVID-19 pandemic sent the trend to attain sky-high limits. Worldwide, the e-commerce share of retail sales…

Em May 6, 2022

E-commerce was already growing at a steady rate, when the COVID-19 pandemic sent the trend to attain sky-high limits. Worldwide, the e-commerce share of retail sales soared from 14% in 2019, to 20% in 2021. Since then, it has continued to grow in some markets, while stabilizing in others. This unpredictability has created a range of new challenges for the retailers and logistics providers.

5-star e-commerce

FM Logistic and its partner Urbantz, a delivery management platform, recently co-hosted a webinar on how to provide a 5-star e-commerce delivery experience. According to Chiara Brina, the former Head of Digital & E-Commerce, at L’Oréal France (and now running her own agency), “Customers expect shortened delivery times, and quality, as though they are buying in a store, with anenvironment- friendly service.” 

The supply chain has had to be especially agile, ever since the pandemic started. Not only did volumes rise, but some companies found that they could no longer deliver from stores, since they were closed. Others, such as L’Oréal, turned their retail stores into fulfillment centers. 

Pablo Gomez, coordinator of the FM Group’s urban logistic strategic workstream, emphasized that delivery success rates are critical, since failure is expensive. “The traditional model means only trying to deliver [a package] once. We try two or three times. We look for clients where they are, even at a restaurant.”

Often, the delivery person is the only human being that a customer will meet. Drivers must be well-trained, well-dressed, and efficient; every minute with the consumer is an opportunity to build upon the brand relationship.

Real-time tracking and tracing

Technology can ensure that all moves smoothly while enhancing the consumer experience, via e-commerce. Real-time integration begins when the customer checks out online. Digital platforms can handle a range of information and services, such as noting that a piece of furniture will need assembly upon delivery. 

The “track-and-trace” approach keeps consumers in the loop. Yuval Tori, Chief Commercial Officer of Urbantz, says that communication and transparency are vital: “At the end of the day, you need to see a decrease in people resorting to the customer care desk.”

Another factor in achieving a five-star delivery rating is customization, which can also be assisted with technology. Urbantz helps FM Logistic tailor the delivery experience for each brand, with everything inclusive : right from customized packaging slips to individualized post-delivery surveys. This differentiation makes it possible to mutualize resources, without diluting the brand experience. 

The surveys show that 81 % of e-commerce shoppers would choose a green delivery, if given the choice. Sharing resources, such as trucks, means less traffic on city streets, for greater efficiency and sustainability. 

Moreover, the cities can help. In Madrid, FM Logistic has a deal with City Hall, to park its fleet of electric tuk-tuks, underneath Plaza Mayor. This reduction in emissions and urban congestion benefits the reputation of companies and governments alike.

To dive deeper into the last-mile experience, view the replay of the Urbantz x FM Logistic webinar here.

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