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Business case | Last-mile delivery

Omnichannel for health business

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The client

Our customer

Our customer is a French pharmaceutical group, created in 1962 by a pharmacist from Castre. 

The group is particularly active in the fields of health and beauty to improve access to quality healthcare and medicines for populations in the least developed countries and for populations in exceptional situations of serious crisis.


  • Our customer had a partnership with a Russian 3PL. 
  • Service level was lower than Pierre Fabre expectation and didn`t allow to launch B2C channel. 
  • FM proposed an overall omnichannel solution including B2B and B2C flows

Range of product

  • Cosmetics for Kids, Body, Face, Hair, Sun protection

Our contribution

  • #Transport
  • #Last Mile Delivery
  • #Urban Logistics

B2B deliveries in specialized transport (isotherm / refrigerator)

  • Pharmacy                      50%
  • Retail                               15%
  • Beauty salons               15%
  • Regional distributors   10% 

B2C channel with tailored solutions & dedicated team

  • Call center 
  • DPD
  • Cash on delivery
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Agility to handle business demands :

  • A single channel instead of several with different courier services (IT resources + time)

  • Flexible shipment schedule and prices

  • Wide range of price for volumetric weight

  • One store for B2B & B2C channels to increase service level

Key numbers

  • +1K


  • 4,7%

    Return logistics

  • 99%

    On time delivery

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