7 ways to make your employees happy: HR trends

Social relations are changing. So is the sociology related to people in the workplace. People are demanding a series of commitments from their company that were not even considered…

Em September 15, 2022

Social relations are changing. So is the sociology related to people in the workplace. People are demanding a series of commitments from their company that were not even considered before. Times are changing and people want to feel that they work to live and live to work happily and believing in the commitment and work of their company. Do you know what are the measures that employees demand the most when choosing a company to work for?

  • Capacity for professional development. Most people have expectations of growth and development. This has traditionally been perceived in the corporate world as vertical promotion. However, we now know that professional growth has many other angles and must be addressed more transversally. People in an organization demand learning and improvement of skills and abilities. This is possible by opening up the range of activities that an employee can undertake.
  • Development of “soft skills”. These skills are the so-called “soft skills” or, in other words, those related to work-oriented personal development. Employees demand learning in resilience, critical thinking, commitment, teamwork, creativity, data analytics or digital skills, among many others.
  • Provision of a good leader. An essential aspect for new employees is to have a good leader rather than a boss like the stereotypical profile we know. Leaders who are an example of good professional and personal practices are required. A good leader who makes them grow, who understands their personal conditions, who has the patience and drive to make the company and the people grow together.

Good atmosphere among employees

  • Existence of a good working environment and team feeling. People demand a good working environment. Most of us spend more time in the office and with our co-workers than with our family and friends. Therefore, mutual support, cooperation and the need to share knowledge and effort have become indispensable. After-work activities with co-workers and team building activities to create strong relationships between employees are also on the rise. Going to work with enthusiasm and enthusiasm is essential for proper professional development.
  • Offering new challenges and professional projects. Work is a key element to understand personal fulfillment and professional growth. New professional challenges today are an indispensable lever for professional development and are part of the demands of people in an organization, far from those times when a professional could spend his whole working life doing the same thing. Change and improvement is part of success in professional development.

Conciliación laboral

  • Work-life balance. People demand from the work environment a good relationship between colleagues, teamwork, a good working environment, etc… Many workers prefer work-life balance over other incentives. A certain freedom to be able to fulfill their personal commitments and obligations without neglecting their work. The business mentality, whereby trust is more important than control, is gaining ground in light of the results.
  • Creating clear and fluid communication. Transparency and constant communication are two indispensable aspects for the proper functioning of an organization. Likewise, communication avoids misunderstandings and fosters a good flow in personal and professional development as well as in the results of the organization.

    All these aspects require work and commitment from the entire organization and a constant effort from the Human Resources area: For Jorge Rodríguez, HR Director at FM Logistic Ibérica, “Human Resources teams must be true facilitators of people’s growth. Sometimes we have dedicated a lot of resources to classifying people in order to concentrate all our efforts on their development. I think we need to dedicate more effort to working on the company’s ecosystem to make it a true facilitator of development and not dedicate ourselves to being mere guardians of standardized people management processes”.

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