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  • 4.000 m2

    warehouse surface

  • Connectivity

    with the main roads and airports of Barcelona

  • 12

    platform docks

Barcelona ZAL

FM Logistic Barcelona ZAL has excellent logistics connectivity thanks to its strategic location in the heart of the Port of Barcelona, which allows it to have direct access to the main means of transport such as roads, railroads and ports. This translates into greater efficiency in supply chain management and shorter transit times, which in turn reduces transportation costs and improves the quality of customer service. In addition, being located in a free trade zone, it offers tax and customs advantages for companies seeking to establish a presence in the region.

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Why trust FM Logistic – Barcelona ZAL?

  • Digitalization

    Our solid commitment to digitalization allows us to offer you agile and efficient logistics management, optimizing your operations and providing you with greater real-time visibility of your goods flows.

  • Automation

    Through the automation of our processes, we guarantee greater precision, speed and efficiency in the handling and storage of your products, optimizing your supply chain.

  • Conectivity

    FM Logistic Barcelona ZAL offers you the advantage of taking advantage of the city's excellent connectivity with other regions, countries and continents, guaranteeing an efficient and agile supply chain.

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Our services at Barcelona ZAL

  • The temporary storage warehouse is a facility for imported or in-transit goods, allowing them to be stored under customs custody until the clearance process is completed or the necessary requirements for release or shipment are met.

    With a strategic location in one of Europe’s main logistics hubs, we offer a secure and modern space that meets all customs requirements. Our highly trained team is responsible for managing storage under customs custody, ensuring that goods are protected and that the clearance process is completed efficiently. In addition, our customers benefit from financial savings from the arrival of the goods in the European Union to their position in the final market, optimizing their logistics operations.

  • Our container removal service at the Barcelona ZAL port offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for the logistics needs of our customers. Container removal from the port involves moving containers from the port terminals to the Barcelona ZAL warehouse or vice versa, either for storage or for onward transport.

    Whether for imports or exports, our services are designed to optimize the supply chain, reduce waiting times and ensure the smooth delivery of containers to their final destination. In addition, our strategic location in Barcelona ZAL allows us to take full advantage of the port’s logistical advantages, ensuring efficient operations and competitive costs for our customers.

  • The reception and issuance of transits is a customs management service that allows to control and record the entry and exit of goods at a transit point, ensuring compliance with legal and customs regulations.

    Our specialized team is in charge of efficiently coordinating the transit of goods, ensuring a smooth reception and a quick issuance to its final destination. We have the resources and expertise to manage the entire process, from verification of customs documentation to quality control of the goods. In addition, our strategic location in Barcelona ZAL provides us with direct access to the main transport networks and logistics connections, allowing us to offer accurate delivery times and a secure service.

  • Suspensive and general warehousing services are storage options that allow us to keep imported goods in transit under a special customs regime while the necessary requirements for their release or shipment are met, or for their subsequent commercialization in the domestic market under the applicable rules and regulations.

    Our warehouse at Barcelona ZAL has state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology to meet the storage needs of our customers. With ample capacity and flexibility, we can adapt to different types of customers and goods.

Other Services


  • At FM Logistic Ibérica, we serve diverse customers in different sectors, providing logistics solutions tailored to their specific needs. In the cosmetics and beauty sector, we focus on collaborating with brands and manufacturers of personal care products, offering warehousing and distribution services that guarantee the integrity and quality of the products.

    Our experience in this field allows us to provide efficient and secure logistics solutions, ensuring an optimal supply chain to meet the demands of this dynamic and demanding sector.

  • In the technology and electronic sector, we target manufacturers and distributors of electronic devices, components and accessories. At FM Logistic Ibérica we understand the particularities of this constantly evolving market and offer customized logistics solutions to efficiently manage the storage, handling and distribution of technology products.

    Our goal is to ensure fast and secure delivery, helping our customers to meet the deadlines and requirements of this highly competitive sector.

  • In the retail sector, we target companies in various segments such as fashion, food, cleaning and home. At FM Logistic Ibérica, we understand the importance of an agile and efficient supply chain in retail, and we offer comprehensive logistics solutions to manage warehousing, distribution and inventory management.

    We work closely with our customers to adapt to their specific needs and help them optimize their logistics operations, both for physical stores and e-commerce, enabling them to meet changing consumer demands.

  • At FM Logistic, we work with companies from different industrial sectors, offering logistics solutions adapted to the specific needs of each client. We work with manufacturers and distributors of different products, from automotive components to chemicals and construction materials.

    Our focus is on supply chain optimization, providing efficient warehousing, inventory management and distribution services. We work closely with our customers to understand their operations and challenges, and offer tailored solutions that enable them to improve efficiency, reduce costs and maintain high quality standards in their logistics processes.

  • In the FMCG sector, we target manufacturers and distributors of FMCG products, such as food, beverages, personal care and household products. Our goal is to provide efficient and flexible logistics solutions to ensure a smooth supply chain and quick response to market demands.

    Our extensive experience in this sector allows us to adapt to seasonal, promotional and demand changes, giving our customers the confidence that their products will be delivered efficiently and in the best conditions to satisfy consumers.

Where can you find us?

5 kms from Hutchinson terminal, 8 kms from AMP terminal, 8 kms from Barcelona El Prat Airport, 12 kms from the historic center of Barcelona.

Barcelona ZAL is connected to several major highways that allow easy connection with the rest of Spain and Europe. Some of the main roads are:

Autopista del Mediterraneo (AP-7), Autopista C-31, Autovía C-32, Autovía A-2.

Address: Carrer d’Aral, 106, 08040 Barcelona Telephone: 683 55 29 67

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