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What is green hydrogen?

It is hydrogen obtained through renewable sources and a process called electrolysis, a process of separation of hydrogen and oxygen atoms by means of an electric current. In the case of the hydrogen station that FM Logistic has in Illescas, it uses photovoltaic energy from the solar panels on the roofs of the warehouse.

What does the H2Login project consist of?

It is the first hydrogen station in the logistics sector to be set up in Spain, which will be able to dispense up to 45 kilos of green hydrogen per week. It is located in our warehouse in Illescas, in the province of Toledo.

From this hydrogen station, green hydrogen will be dispensed to a van destined for urban logistics and to the forklifts in the warehouse. These are the first forklifts for the movement of goods that have been transformed to be supplied with hydrogen.

How does a hydrogen station work?

The main raw material is water (H2O), which enters the hydrogen station and through the aforementioned process called electrolysis, the hydrogen and oxygen atoms are separated. The oxygen is expelled into the environment and the hydrogen is stored in the hydrogen station where it is compressed and stored at 500 bar and then dispensed at 350 bar.
The nominal production of the hydrogen station (i.e. production with 100% operation all year round) is 2,430 kg of H2, 99.999% purity.

This production capacity is equivalent to the consumption of 18 pallet trucks or similar, operating 12 hours a day; or 130,000 km/year of travel by 3.5 tonne MMA vans; or a combination of the above.

The hydrogen station has three hydrogen storage tanks. Each tank stores up to 11 kg of hydrogen at a nominal pressure of 500 bar. As the Illescas hydrogen station has three equal tanks, its capacity is 33 kg at 500 bar.

H2Login, the name of the overall project, has received financial support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), through the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI).

Do you know the advantages of hydrogen in forklift trucks in a logistics warehouse?

Discover them in our study carried out by the Environment and Sustainable Development department.

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