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Copacking Supplier

Copacking is a strategy to stand out in a competitive market. It involves taking one or more products that are already selling and transforming them into something new and exciting, which attracts consumers’ attention and offers them something different.

Rather than trying to create entirely new products, copacking focuses on improving and diversifying existing products. This can be very beneficial for companies, as it allows them to use their previous experience and knowledge to create something novel and surprising. By using copacking, companies can stay relevant and attractive in the marketplace by offering products that fit the changing needs and desires of consumers.

Our copacking solutions

  • Copacking

    Copacking is a strategy that allows companies to improve their market position by creating new, innovative and attractive products. Starting with one or more basic or end products, the aim is to develop new presentations, formats or combinations that meet the needs and expectations of consumers.

    The objective is to create a new vision of the product that differentiates it from the competitors and generates value for the brand. Copacking not only involves innovation in the product, but also in the design, presentation and marketing strategy, which can lead to a significant change in the consumers perception of the brand.

  • Comanufacturing

    Comanufacturing is a process that takes place at the end of the manufacturing chain and refers to the transformation of bulk products into more specific presentations adapted to the customers needs. In this process, the company that provides comanufacturing is responsible for carrying out the corresponding activities of packaging, bagging or boxing of the products following the necessary technical and quality premises.

    In this way, the products are adapted to the requirements of the end customer, which implies greater efficiency in the processes and a reduction in costs. In addition, comanufacturing allows companies to reduce their inventory levels and accelerate time-to-market, which translates into greater responsiveness to market changes and a competitive advantage for companies.

  • Kitting

    Kitting is a process of selecting and packaging different products into a single package or kit. This process is especially used in the technology and electronics industry, where the selection and combination of different components is required for the creation of a final product.

    Kitting simplifies the production process by bringing together the different elements required for assembly into a single package, which reduces preparation time and increases efficiency in production processes.

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Want to scale up your supply chain or optimise your packaging operations? Discover our latest co-packing solutions.

Why trust FM Logistic as a copacking partner?

  • Locations

    In Illescas we have modern and technologically advanced infrastructure that allows us to offer a comprehensive and high quality service in copacking, storage and distribution of products. In addition, our team of highly trained and experienced professionals is committed to offer customized solutions adapted to the specific needs of each customer, which allows us to guarantee customer satisfaction and excellence in all our operations.

    Illescas is located in a strategic area with easy access to the main roads and highways in Spain. It is also located near Madrid, which makes it an ideal location for the copacking of products that are distributed throughout Spain and Europe.

  • Technology applied to production

    We are committed to apply the most advanced and appropriate technologies for each type of production activity. We make a detailed study to determine the best technology to apply, taking into account the specific needs of each customer and product. As we have multi-client and multi-product copacking centers, we can optimize investments in technology, which allows us to offer fully variable production costs adapted to our customers needs.

    Among our technologies, we highlight our main production lines, such as the sequenced display line, automatic labelers, flowpacks, sleever or steam. Each of these technologies are key for efficient and high quality copacking.

  • Process traceability

    Process traceability is a crucial element in the supply chain, as it allows the origin and path of a product to be known at each stage of the process. In the copacking process, traceability is an indispensable requirement to ensure product safety and quality.

    At FM Logistic we have an advanced and complete traceability management system, similar to that used in a production process. This system allows us to have at all times complete information on the location of each of the products that we have and are processing, from their arrival at our facilities to their release to the market.

  • Process sustainability

    Sustainability is an increasingly important aspect in the business world, and copacking is not an exception. Implementing sustainable practices in copacking is important to reduce environmental impact and promote a circular economy, and also a way to create value for customers and improve brand image. Sustainable practices in copacking can include waste reduction, use of recyclable and biodegradable materials, energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

    Implementing sustainable practices can also have a positive impact on customer relationships, as many customers value sustainable practices and prefer to purchase products that promote sustainability.

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Agility, sustainability and cost optimisation

Our co-packing services are at the forefront of innovation in terms of reliability and flexibility. Our services facilitate streamlined inventory management and optimal responsiveness to demand:

  • inter-site transport is eliminated
  • stocks of components and finished products are grouped together in a single warehouse
  • fixed costs are shared
  • speed of commissioning is ensured by dedicated equipment, space and organised teams

We implement a rigorous industrial approach (processes, continuous improvement, automation, information systems) that applies best practices. As a leading logistics provider, our experience in managing seasonal operations of all sizes and our certifications (ISO, IFS…) guarantee first-class co-packing services for your company.

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Upgrade the consumer experience with more responsible co-packing services

While outsourcing, delayed differentiation has always been a way for brands to focus on their core business and meet market demands. Packaging is becoming increasingly strategic when it comes to the environment topic. We are the extension of your business. We support market changes with our turnkey solutions combining eco-design, production and distribution:

  • Eco-design solutions: we avoid the use of plastic and other toxic substances, we adapt the size of the packaging to optimise both material use and transport, we choose to use mainly recyclable and reusable materials.
  • Donation: we offer our clients to donate to non profit organisations, products aimed for destruction.
  • Optimal networking: we integrate the best actors on each topic: sustainable packaging designers, waste collection organisations, NGO’s…

From zero plastic to late differentiation to optimising transport impact, we are driving change and defining new sustainable market models for our customers.

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Reduce time to market and boost your sales

As a logistics pioneer and renowned supplier, we tailor our high-performance co-packing solutions to your supply chain objectives for increased efficiency and reliability. Our team of specialists, including designers and engineers, is dedicated to helping you optimise your operations and drive growth. We set up supply chain schemes to boost responsible consumption, such as bulk products.

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Why trust in FM Logistc for the copacking services

  • Sustainability

    At FM Logistic we are committed to reduce the environmental impact in the supply chain, working in partnership with our customers to develop sustainable logistics and transportation solutions. These solutions include route optimization and the use of low-emission vehicles, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to fighting against climate change. By working closely with customers to implement sustainable solutions, we help reduce the environmental impact of the supply chain, while providing significant added value for our customers in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

    We offer an element of differentiation by focusing on green hydrogen as an alternative fuel for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We have become the first logistics company in Spain to have a hydrogen plant in our facilities. It is located in our logistics warehouse in Illescas.

  • Innovation

    As a company committed to the development and adoption of innovative technologies, we work closely with our customers to identify opportunities for improvement and to implement innovative solutions that improve efficiency and reduce costs. Innovative technologies include the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics, which enable further automation and optimization in supply chain management. In addition, we also offer customized solutions to our customers, designed to meet their specific business needs and help them stay ahead in a changing and competitive market environment.

    We also offer a put-to-light system, balea, warehouse management system Reflex, econtrol image picking and vision inventory.

  • Social commitment

    We offer significant added value in terms of social commitment by actively working to improve the social and economic conditions of the locations in which we operate. We are committed to the highest ethical standards and to promoting respect for human rights in our operations and supply chain. In addition, we are dedicated to local job creation, employee training and development, and to promoting diversity and inclusion in the company. Finally, through the FM Foundation, we are committed to supporting social initiatives and projects related to social integration and children by working together with social organizations close to our locations.

    Similarly, we have a program called Blue Hearts, which supports employee initiatives linked to a particular hobby and presented as a project to be shared collectively with colleagues. In this way, we encourage our employees to share their hobbies or passions with their colleagues.

  • Quality

    • LEED Gold Certification: Leader in Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Design, refers to buildings built with eco efficiency and sustainability standards.
    • HQE Certification: High Quality Environmental, guarantees high environmental standards, energy efficiency, wellbeing and safety.
    • High Protected Risk (HPR) Certificate: Highly Protected Risk, guarantees compliance with all property protection standards.
    • Ecovadis Gold, the highest certification in corporate social responsibility.
    • ISO 9001 ISO 14001
  • Nearness

    We are very committed to long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. We believe that the success of our operations lies in close relationships with people, flexibility and resilience.

    Moreover, taking care of our people is at the core of our DNA. The success of our logistics operator lies in our commitment to our employees. We believe that having happy, contented and motivated employees, and being committed to their flexibility and work-life balance, is the key to business success and growth.

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