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  • 58.000M2

    warehouse surface

  • 20.000M2

    under construction

  • Connectivity

    with main roads and Barajas Airport

Meet our Illescas facilities

FM Logistic’s Illescas warehouse is a modern logistics facility that stands out for its efficiency and capacity to manage warehousing and distribution operations optimally. Strategically located in the heart of Spain, this warehouse extends over a large area, offering state-of-the-art storage space. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, advanced inventory management systems and an intelligent storage infrastructure, this warehouse ensures maximum accuracy and speed in product handling.

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Our reference warehouse, and FM Logistic’s headquarters in Spain, is located in Illescas, in the province of Toledo. The warehouse is located exactly within the Iberum Central Platform, a logistics and industrial area of more than 3.5 million square meters.

FM Logistic Illescas has more than 58,000M2 occupied and 20,000M2 more under construction. This warehouse is multi-client, multi-activity and multi-risk because, within the same space, we manage different logistics services for different types of customers and manage different risks depending on the type of products, so that they are stored under the strictest safety standards.

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Why trust FM Logistic Illescas?

  • Sustainability

    We are committed to environmental sustainability by implementing eco-efficient logistics practices and reducing our impact on the environment.

  • Innovation

    We are pioneers in the logistics industry, constantly looking for innovative solutions to optimize your processes and adapt to the latest technological trends.

  • Social Commitment

    At FM Logistic Illescas, we work to generate a positive impact on the community, promoting local employment and supporting social initiatives.

  • Quality

    Excellence is our hallmark. We provide high quality logistics services, focused on accuracy, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Nearness

    We value nearness to our clients. We are closely involved in their operations, offering personalized treatment and dedicated attention.

  • Digitalization

    We leverage the latest technologies and digital tools to optimize your logistics processes and improve visibility and control of your supply chain.

Interested in our logistics solutions in Illescas?

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Our solutions in Illescas

  • Warehousing and load preparation

    We offer integral warehousing and load preparation services for companies which are looking for the optimization of their logistic processes. Our warehousing service includes a personalized management of products and the application of efficient warehousing techniques, such as crossdocking, load consolidation and picking

    Moreover, our load preparation service allows the handling of products for their suitable distribution, also the orders processing and the classification of products according to their characteristics. We have highly trained staff, advanced management systems and cutting-edge technology that ensures the safety and quality of all the processes. All of this translates into increased customer satisfaction and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  • Ecommerce

    We offer a specialized warehousing service for ecommerce companies. The ecommerce warehousing service focuses on efficient inventory management and order picking, with the goal of reducing lead times and improving the customer experience. We use advanced technology for inventory management and order picking, allowing for greater accuracy and speed throughout the process.

    In addition, our service includes the integration of ecommerce platforms and customization according to each customer’s needs. With our ecommerce warehousing service, we help companies improve their competitiveness and expand their business in the digital market.


  • Copacking

    We specialize in changing the presentation format of our customers’ products to meet promotions or to be included in the “impulse” channel.

    That is to say, after the design generated by the client’s production and marketing department, our function is to implement the new image of the product, providing those technical aspects that improve stability and ensure that the product reaches its point of sale in optimal conditions.

    We are in charge of transforming the presentation of our clients’ products, combining their strategic vision with our technical expertise to achieve a safe and attractive ambassador.

  • Tax storage

    We offer tax storage services for companies that need to manage the import of products from countries outside the European Union.

    Our tax storage services focus on providing solutions that allow companies to comply with tax and customs regulations, reduce time and associated costs, and improve efficiency in inventory management

  • Reverse logistic

    We offer a reverse logistic service for companies that need to manage the return of products or materials. Our reverse logistic service focuses on optimizing the return process, reducing time and associated costs, and improving the customer experience. We have advanced technology and a team of highly trained professionals, which guarantees safety and quality throughout the process.


    In addition, our service is tailored to the specific needs of each client, allowing for greater flexibility and adaptability. With our reverse logistics service, we help companies improve their relationship with customers, reduce the costs associated with product returns and improve their efficiency in the supply chain.

Hydrogen Station

One year after announcing our goal of carbon neutrality at our sites by 2030, we have renewed our energy commitments: in 2022, FM Logistic became the first logistics company to install a hydrogen station in Spain. Located in Illescas, the station produces 45 kg of green hydrogen per week and provides the equivalent of the consumption of 18 forklifts operating 12 hours a day.

We use this green hydrogen for our own consumption to refuel our forklifts inside the warehouse that have been converted to hydrogen. We are also converting a van for last-mile distribution to hydrogen.

Characteristics of our warehouse in Illescas

  • Multi-client warehouse

    This innovative approach enables us to provide customized and efficient solutions to our customers by making the most of our accumulated resources and expertise. Thanks to our multi-client model, we offer a collaborative environment in which different companies can share facilities and logistics services, maximizing resource utilization and reducing operating costs. Our warehouse in Illescas is designed to adapt to the needs of various industries and sectors, providing flexibility and agility in inventory management, thus optimizing each client’s supply chain.

    By sharing facilities and services, companies can benefit from world-class infrastructure, advanced technological resources and highly trained personnel, without having to invest in their own individual warehouses.

  • Multi-activity warehouse

    Our goal is to maximize efficiency and versatility by offering a wide range of logistics services under one roof. With the ability to adapt to different needs and workflows, our multi-activity warehouse allows customers to optimize their logistics operations and reduce costs by centralizing multiple activities in one place.

    We believe in efficiency and synergy in logistics operations, and our multi-activity warehouse in Illescas is a reflection of that approach. By centralizing multiple activities under one roof, our customers can leverage economies of scale and the benefits of collaboration to improve the productivity and agility of their supply chains. Our multi-activity warehouse is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and efficient management systems to ensure smooth workflow and accurate execution of customer-specific tasks.

  • Multi-risk warehouse

    We understand the importance of protecting our customers’ products at all times, and that is why we offer a multi-risk warehouse in Illescas. Our facilities are designed and equipped with the highest security standards to guarantee the integrity of the stored products. From fire detection and suppression systems to 24-hour security monitoring, we implement preventive measures and rigorous protocols to minimize the risks associated with storage.

    Our specialized risk management team works closely with our customers to identify and assess their specific product risks and develop customized solutions. Whether it is controlled storage, specialized security, real-time monitoring or quality controls, we adapt to a variety of needs and provide a secure environment for the management of sensitive or high-value products.


  • Beauty & cosmetic

    At FM Logistic Ibérica, we serve diverse customers in different sectors, providing logistics solutions tailored to their specific needs. In the cosmetics and beauty sector, we focus on collaborating with brands and manufacturers of personal care products, offering warehousing and distribution services that guarantee the integrity and quality of the products.

    Our experience in this field allows us to provide efficient and secure logistics solutions, ensuring an optimal supply chain to meet the demands of this dynamic and demanding sector.

  • Technology and electronic

    In the technology and electronic sector, we target manufacturers and distributors of electronic devices, components and accessories. At FM Logistic Ibérica we understand the particularities of this constantly evolving market and offer customized logistics solutions to efficiently manage the storage, handling and distribution of technology products.

    Our goal is to ensure fast and secure delivery, helping our customers to meet the deadlines and requirements of this highly competitive sector.

  • Retail

    In the retail sector, we target companies in various segments such as fashion, food, cleaning and home. At FM Logistic Ibérica, we understand the importance of an agile and efficient supply chain in retail, and we offer comprehensive logistics solutions to manage warehousing, distribution and inventory management.

    We work closely with our customers to adapt to their specific needs and help them optimize their logistics operations, both for physical stores and e-commerce, enabling them to meet changing consumer demands.

  • Industry

    At FM Logistic, we work with companies from different industrial sectors, offering logistics solutions adapted to the specific needs of each client. We work with manufacturers and distributors of different products, from automotive components to chemicals and construction materials.

    Our focus is on supply chain optimization, providing efficient warehousing, inventory management and distribution services. We work closely with our customers to understand their operations and challenges, and offer tailored solutions that enable them to improve efficiency, reduce costs and maintain high quality standards in their logistics processes.

  • FMCG

    In the FMCG sector, we target manufacturers and distributors of FMCG products, such as food, beverages, personal care and household products. Our goal is to provide efficient and flexible logistics solutions to ensure a smooth supply chain and quick response to market demands.

    Our extensive experience in this sector allows us to adapt to seasonal, promotional and demand changes, giving our customers the confidence that their products will be delivered efficiently and in the best conditions to satisfy consumers.

Where can you find us?

FM Logistic Illescas is strategically located in the Iberum Central Platform, in a privileged position to meet the logistics needs of our customers. Our warehouse is perfectly connected through important communication routes, which facilitates the efficient distribution of goods. Located in the vicinity of the A-42 highway, we have direct access to the main road that connects Madrid with Toledo. In addition, we are close to the A-4 highway, which links Madrid with southern Spain and the rest of Europe. This excellent location allows us to offer a fast and agile distribution at local, national and international level, optimizing transit times and improving the efficiency of our customers’ supply chain.

Address: Av. Valverde, 20, 45200, Toledo Telephone: 916 70 87 17


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