FM Logistic successfully tests the hydrogen station to be installed in its logistics warehouse in Illescas

FM Logistic has satisfactorily completed the first test of the hydrogen station  to be installed at its logistics platform in Illescas (Toledo). This test was carried…

On July 29, 2021

FM Logistic has satisfactorily completed the first test of the hydrogen station  to be installed at its logistics platform in Illescas (Toledo). This test was carried out at the H2B2 factory in Dos Hermanas (Seville). This action was done to confirm its correct operation before implementing it in September at the Illescas logistics platform to start up the first integrated green hydrogen project in the Spanish logistics sector. Also, the hydrogen produced in the hydrogen station can be used both for internal use (forklifts) and external use (vans or trucks).

The event was attended by Álvaro Íñiguez, operation manager of FM Logistic Illescas, Juan Carlos de Pablo, project manager and Ana Cristina Cañizares, security manager. 

The tests that have been carried out ensure that the hydrogen station is working properly. Firstly, following the development of the engineering and construction of the hydrogen station (which will be able to dispense up to 45kg/week of green hydrogen),the correct production of hydrogen has been tested. The hydrogen is produced at 20 bar and compressed, to ensure that the hydrogen is adapted to the needs of the refuelling. Then, the storage, which allows hydrogen to be dispensed into a vehicle within a few minutes, was verified to be correct. Finally, the operation has been documented with all relevant safety measures. 

The Hydrogen Station project 

Due to its innovative aspect, the hydrogen station project is supported by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). “It is necessary to adopt measures that materialise the decarbonisation of the industrial and logistics sectors. Spain has its own technology that is ready to operate,” says Manuel Rodríguez, head of manufacturing and production at H2B2.

This pioneering refuelling station will supply hydrogen from renewable sources for vans and forklifts at FM Logistics Illescas plant. The leading international operator in the areas of warehousing, transport, co-packing and urban logistics.  This logistics platform has a standard multi-client corporate design adapted to the most modern European regulations. It stands out for being a LEED Gold certified building (Energy Efficiency Certification, eco-efficient and sustainable building). Likewise, it has been awarded as the ‘most environmentally friendly company’ in the Toledo Business Federation (FEDETO) awards.

“At FM Logistic we have created a new slogan called ‘Supply Change’. This slogan indicates that the supply chain must be transformed to promote more responsible consumption and a more sustainable economy. To contribute to this change we thought it was very important to have a green hydrogen plant in our facilities,” says Juan Carlos de Pablo.

Location of the Hydrogen Station

On the other hand, the Illescas site has a key location as it has excellent road connections with Portugal, Galicia, Barcelona, Valencia and Andalusia. The warehouse is located in the Iberum Central Platform. This platform is a logistics and industrial area of more than 3.5 million square metres. It is the most environmentally friendly and sustainable industrial space in Spain. In addition, it contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint, becoming the first Ecopolygon in Europe. The Illescas warehouse also has HQE (High Quality Environmental) recognition. This certification is a method of evaluating good practices in the sustainable construction and operation of buildings.

“FM Logistic continues on its way towards ‘Supply Change’ and the sustainable supply chain. It is the first logistics company to produce green hydrogen to supply forklifts and vans in our warehouse,” argues Álvaro Íñiguez.

The last step before the implementation of the hydrogen station in Illescas, next September, will be an on-site test in the FM Logistic warehouse. This test will be to confirm its correct operational functioning.

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