FM Logistic participates in the hydrogen fair H2Revolution

During 27,28 and 29 days was held in Puertollano the most important hydrogen fair in our country, H2Revolution. The purpose of this event is to provide a showcase for the different…

On September 29, 2022

During 27,28 and 29 days was held in Puertollano the most important hydrogen fair in our country, H2Revolution. The purpose of this event is to provide a showcase for the different companies that are committed to green hydrogen and to give the importance it deserves to this sustainable fuel that aims to be the best alternative to current fossil fuels.

Pablo Gómez, general manager of FM Logistic Ibérica, participated in the round table “The Revolution of the new business models in the hydrogen environment”. He spoke about the different opportunities that exist in the market in relation to hydrogen. He also discussed how companies can invest and improve the infrastructure and logistics of this fuel.

Pablo Gómez emphasized FM Logistic’s social commitment to caring for the environment: “We have become the second company in Spain to register a hydrogen plant. Not only do we want to be leaders in innovation and sustainability in the sector, but we also want to be a turning point in the use of green fuels. We want to make people and companies aware of the need to act in the face of climate change”.

On the other hand, moderators, speakers and attendees were surprised by the lack of presence of car and transport vehicle manufacturers at this fair. “I see a lot of attendance from companies related to infrastructure and industry, but I don’t see presentations on mobility. Where are the car manufacturers in Europe?” reflected Pablo Gómez. With these words he wanted to emphasize the importance of vehicle manufacturers in this change. If there are no hydrogen vehicles, we will hardly be able to decarbonize transport operations.

Pablo Gómez explained that in view of the shortage of hydrogen vehicles available in Europe, FM Logistic was transforming a hydrogen van together with Tecnove and the National Hydrogen Center. “In a few months we will have this van available for urban distribution of goods. It will be a real revolution,” argued Pablo Gomez.

Hydrogen in cities

Continuing on this theme, Pablo Gómez wanted to emphasize the importance of getting hydrogen to the cities. “There is still no way to move hydrogen to the center of cities and the real revolution will happen when we are able to do so.” Pablo Gomez also celebrated with attendees that FM Logistic won last year’s Reinventing Cities award. The winning project, HiLife, consists of the construction in Vallecas of a 35,000m2 logistics warehouse which will have a green hydrogen plant in its facilities: “this hydrogen plant will refuel vehicles for internal and external use and we will be able to distribute hydrogen to the entire south of Madrid”.

Raquel F. Corzo, Project Manager at DH2 ENERGY, said a very interesting phrase: “we must think globally but act locally“. She referred to the importance of hydrogen in cities to achieve the goal of zero emissions for the planet.

Also present at the table were Cristina Morante, director of business development, self-consumption and green hydrogen at AccionaPlug, and Lourdes Rodríguez Mayor, director of Innovation and R&D at Vandguardland Innova, who pointed out that all their customers are interested in transforming to hydrogen. They see it as a necessary point for their business but hydrogen is not yet available for everyone due to the current lack of transport and infrastructure.

At this round table it was clear that in the next five years hydrogen will continue to be a real revolution. Spain can become a world and European leader in the production and distribution of this sustainable fuel.

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