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What is Reinventing Cities?

Reinventing Cities is a competition initiated by C40 to stimulate the most innovative carbon neutral developments around the world. It aims to implement the best ideas for transforming underutilised places into beacons of sustainability and resilience. The projects developed act as a showcase for future zero-emission urban developments.

What is Hilife?

HiLife is a project developed by FM Logistic Ibérica, for the Reinventing Cities competition, of which it was the winner. This project must address components such as energy efficiency, sustainable building materials, climate resilience, water management, mobility, waste management and other components that will lead to a sustainable and carbon-free project.

Where will the project be located?

The site consists of two plots (A and B) on the La Atalayuela estate in the Vallecas Villa district, southeast of Madrid. Its location next to Mercamadrid and the Villaverde-Vallecas motorway gives it a privileged location in terms of connections with the M-50 and the Henares corridor, Madrid’s main urban logistics hub.

What does the project consist of?

A cross-docking plot A for sustainable urban distribution

Firstly, for plot A, HiLife proposes a site for unloading, loading and a solid transfer node, or cross-docking, for urban distribution. It will serve a zero-emission mobility system based on a fleet of small and medium-sized delivery vehicles. Hydrogen will power 100% of the fleet. An on-site photovoltaic installation will generate renewable energy that will produce hydrogen.

The area of the cross-docking platform is planned to be 14,000 m² (with 1,350 m² for offices) and the outdoor areas for parking, loading and unloading at 6,000 m².

Plot B for hydrogen production and social integration

Secondly, for plot B, the project proposes several interventions:

  1. The surface area of the second photovoltaic system is 5,100 square metres. Its energy production will be added to the one of the photovoltaic system previously defined for plot A. It will help to meet the energy needs of the buildings, outdoor areas and vehicle fleet.
  2. The production and supply of hydrogen will be implemented in a hydrogen station and a refuelling station (HRS). Both should become strategic infrastructures for the local industry network.
  3. In addition, HiLife is committed to social integration through the creation of a nursery school on the south side of plot B. It will also set up a driver training school, open to a functional classroom for other types of training.
Between the two plots there will be a 9,000 m² green area. It can serve as a meeting point and leisure area for FM Logistic employees.

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