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Whether it’s for a promotion, a customised product or to enter a new market, the process of launching a new package is quite long and requires a range of different services. Once the idea has been launched for marketing, it is then passed on to a packaging designer for purchasing. Then, it is sent to logistics managers, who put it out to tender for outsourcing to logistics professionals.

Aware of all these challenges, FM Logistic has developed a new, fully integrated offer, Lean Design and Co-Pack. This complete turnkey solution allows our customers to be agile to propose a quick and attractive shelf placement in order to increase their sales.

Let’s design and run responsible supply chain together

At FM Logistic, we partner with our packaging technology and solution providers to create responsible supply chain models. Our lean design packaging solutions are innovative, eco-responsible and environmentally friendly.
As logistics experts and citizens, we are committed to reducing our footprint, our customers’ footprint and promoting more responsible co-packing solutions.

Our solutions to support you

  • An all-inclusive solution that saves time and reduces time-to-market costs

    Promotions are the most effective way to offer consumers a good deal. They provide a powerful way for brands to increase their market share. That’s why FM Logistic has developed flexible and agile lean design packaging solutions that help customers reduce time to market and boost sales. Our complete turnkey development process for co-packing and promotional lots is all inclusive. Using 3D design software and a single point of contact, our solutions are flexible, industrially viable and tested at full scale. We help our customers save time and money by simplifying the decision process and speeding up the implementation of the operational phase, but also by avoiding delays and additional costs related to transportation.

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  • Boost your sales with our eco-design solutions and deliver positive impact

    As a recognised logistics expert, we strive to understand your needs, propose more sustainable lean design packaging solutions that will enhance your products, respect your brand image and surprise your customers.
    Our solutions offer a redesigned packaging to optimise the product’s footprint and thus, a systematic green alternative. Each of our proposals includes a less polluting co-packing solution. The packaging is optimised, recyclable and recycled. We use our expertise to take into account logistical and end-of-life impacts for more circular packaging. We also proactively propose an innovative solution aimed at a more sober use of plastic: we market a wide range of zero plastic solutions, use bio-based plastics and aim to eliminate dangerous substances (PVC, etc.).
    Our mission is to go beyond the basics to reduce the environmental footprint of packaging (reduce weight, reduce volume, choose low-emission materials, etc.) and participate in the circular economy.

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  • Modern and innovative packaging for cost optimisation

    Our lean design packaging is the fusion of two principles: cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technology using the latest 3D modelling and graphic design software. We design packaging that is consistent with mechanised lines.
    The principle of a single point of contact throughout the project has positive impacts on listening and consultation and, therefore, on the relevance and quality of offers. Our innovative and comprehensive lean packaging design services meet our clients’ requirements and enable brands to add value to their products, boost sales and reduce costs at all points in the chain.

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