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Where do you want to transport your goods?

  • National transport

    If you are looking for shipping your goods within the borders of our country, FM Logistic is your reliable partner. Our extensive national transportation network covers our entire country, efficiently connecting the main cities, autonomous communities and regions.

    Whether you need to distribute products locally or take them to multiple destinations throughout the territory, we are prepared to offer you customized solutions. With our expertise in national transportation, we can optimize your routes, minimize costs and guarantee fast and reliable deliveries at all times.

  • International transport

    If your goods need to cross borders and reach international destinations, FM Logistic has the expertise and capacity to make it happen. Through our global network of partners and logistics agents, we can offer you efficient and secure international transport solutions.

    From customs clearance to coordinating multimodal shipments, we will ensure that your products arrive anywhere in the world on time and in the best conditions. Trust our team of international trade experts to simplify your operations and expand your global reach.

Where do you want to transport your goods?

FM Logistic offers transport and distribution services throughout the Iberian Peninsula and islands. Our extensive logistics network covers territories such as Spain, Portugal and the Canary and Balearic Islands, guaranteeing complete and efficient coverage. With solid experience in different sectors, such as food, retail, technology, cosmetics and automotive, FM Logistic adapts to the specific needs of each sector providing customized logistics solutions.

Land transport services

  • Full load

    We ship your products efficiently and safely, offering full truck load services to meet your logistic needs.

  • Groupage

    Maximize the efficiency of your shipments by taking advantage of our groupage service, where we combine several loads to optimize your costs and delivery times.

  • Intermodality

    With our intermodal solution, we offer a variety of transportation options to get your products to their final destination in the most efficient and agile way.

  • Distribution

    Our global distribution network guarantees on-time delivery of your products around the world, providing you with extensive coverage and total control of your logistics.

  • Control tower

    Our control tower offers you a comprehensive view of your logistics operations, allowing you to monitor and coordinate all aspects of your logistics in real time.

Are you interested in our land freight forwarding services?

Do you want to optimise your overland transport operations? Contact us and we will find the perfect solutions to your overland transport needs!

International Freight Transport

FM Logistic is a safe and efficient choice for international freight transport. With years of experience in the logistics industry, FM Logistic has proved to be a reliable partner for companies around the world. Its extensive global network of warehouses and its solid transport infrastructure guarantee on-time delivery of goods.

In addition, FM Logistic stands out for its customer-oriented approach, offering customized solutions and high-quality customer service. Its expertise in customs management and compliance with international regulatory requirements ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.

Which countries do we offer International Freight Transport?

We offer international freight transport services to all European countries, providing integral solutions for the logistic needs of all our customers in all European regions according to their requirements.

Are you interested in our land freight forwarding services?

Do you want to optimise your overland transport operations? Contact us and we will find the perfect solutions to your overland transport needs!

What kind of trucks do we use for land transport?

  • Canvas truck

    At FM Logistic, we have a cutting-edge fleet of duplex trucks to meet your logistic needs. Our canva trucks are designed to transport a wide variety of goods, offering versatility and safety in every shipment. With the ability to easily load and unload from the side and rear, our canva trucks ensure efficient loading and unloading.

    Each shipment is unique and requires a customized approach. Our canva trucks are an ideal choice for transporting large volume or special dimension loads. Whether you need to transport palletized products, construction materials, or any other goods, our canva trucks are tailored to your needs. In addition, we maintain our vehicles in optimal conditions to ensure that your products arrive at their destination in perfect condition and within the agreed deadlines.

  • Trucks with refrigerated cargo

    We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity and freshness of perishable products during transportation. That’s why we offer a fleet of state-of-the-art refrigerated trucks equipped with high-tech refrigeration systems to maintain the right temperature at all times. Our refrigerated trucks meet the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring that your heat-sensitive or perishable goods arrive at their destination in optimal conditions.

    Our refrigerated trucks are equipped with constant temperature monitoring systems and are driven by drivers specialized in the transportation of sensitive goods.

Why trust in FM Logistc the land freight forwarding services?

  • Sustainability

    At FM Logistic we are committed to reduce the environmental impact in the supply chain, working in partnership with our customers to develop sustainable logistics and transportation solutions. These solutions include route optimization and the use of low-emission vehicles, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to fighting against climate change. By working closely with customers to implement sustainable solutions, we help reduce the environmental impact of the supply chain, while providing significant added value for our customers in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

    We offer an element of differentiation by focusing on green hydrogen as an alternative fuel for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We have become the first logistics company in Spain to have a hydrogen plant in our facilities. It is located in our logistics warehouse in Illescas.

  • Innovation

    As a company committed to the development and adoption of innovative technologies, we work closely with our customers to identify opportunities for improvement and to implement innovative solutions that improve efficiency and reduce costs. Innovative technologies include the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics, which enable further automation and optimization in supply chain management. In addition, we also offer customized solutions to our customers, designed to meet their specific business needs and help them stay ahead in a changing and competitive market environment.

    We also offer a put-to-light system, balea, warehouse management system Reflex, econtrol image picking and vision inventory.

  • Social commitment

    We offer significant added value in terms of social commitment by actively working to improve the social and economic conditions of the locations in which we operate. We are committed to the highest ethical standards and to promoting respect for human rights in our operations and supply chain. In addition, we are dedicated to local job creation, employee training and development, and to promoting diversity and inclusion in the company. Finally, through the FM Foundation, we are committed to supporting social initiatives and projects related to social integration and children by working together with social organizations close to our locations.

    Similarly, we have a program called Blue Hearts, which supports employee initiatives linked to a particular hobby and presented as a project to be shared collectively with colleagues. In this way, we encourage our employees to share their hobbies or passions with their colleagues.

  • Quality

    • LEED Gold Certification: Leader in Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Design, refers to buildings built with eco efficiency and sustainability standards.
    • HQE Certification: High Quality Environmental, guarantees high environmental standards, energy efficiency, wellbeing and safety.
    • High Protected Risk (HPR) Certificate: Highly Protected Risk, guarantees compliance with all property protection standards.
    • Ecovadis Gold, the highest certification in corporate social responsibility.
    • ISO 9001 ISO 14001
  • Nearness

    We are very committed to long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. We believe that the success of our operations lies in close relationships with people, flexibility and resilience.

    Moreover, taking care of our people is at the core of our DNA. The success of our logistics operator lies in our commitment to our employees. We believe that having happy, contented and motivated employees, and being committed to their flexibility and work-life balance, is the key to business success and growth.

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