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Handling outsourcing has a positive impact on the productivity of warehouses and distribution centres. It helps brands to focus on their customer experience by optimising efficiency, productivity and reducing delays or errors.

At FM Logistic, we protect the integrity of goods and the physical and mental health of our teams. As a leader in logistics, we propose our handling solutions based on close monitoring and mutualisation.

For over 50 years, we have been providing optimised, high-performing solutions such as unit handling and full pallet handling, guaranteeing safety and compliance. Through continuous training and the commitment of our operational teams, FM Logistic provides tested handling services that give you a competitive edge and reduce costs, while promoting positive environmental impacts.

We power the Supply Chain by empowering our people

At FM Logistic, we are human driven and we care a lot about our people. We invest in ergonomic equipments, automation and trainings to preserve the health of our collaborators. We also offer job opportunities to people in difficulties. For instance, we have developed our own structures to integrate people with disabilities. We also develop inclusion programs to hire and welcome people who were unemployed for a while or youth with low qualifications.

Our solutions to support you

  • Advanced and responsible technologies to increase the responsiveness of supply chains

    Automation in warehousing is about using technology to unlock productivity and improve overall quality. For example, cobots allow for increased productivity in order picking during peak periods, which is crucial with the short delivery times associated with e-commerce activities. At FM Logistic, we develop cutting-edge technologies and handling solutions with a high level of execution. Operations such as inventory management, order picking, replenishment or loading and shipping can be automated with advanced technologies. We use a wide range of solutions such as inventory viewers, AGVs (Autonomous Guided Vehicles), AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots), shuttle pallets, goods-to-man, cobots…

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  • International handling standards combined with a strong local presence

    FM Logistic has a balanced portfolio of international and local companies in different sectors. We deploy handling solutions that meet international standards on a global scale, for the benefit of our client, while remaining strong locally. By taking into account national characteristics and capitalising on local opportunities, we have adapted our global model to local communities and markets.
    As a leading logistics provider, we undertake concrete actions that underline our commitments, such as our Pooling model, the reference for organising pooling between retailers and distributors in each country. We are also developing stock visualisation as a global handling technique for local use. Wherever we are, we act locally with the strength of a global company.

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  • Acting for a better tomorrow with our sustainable handling solutions

    As a leading logistics expert, we are committed to the health and safety of our operators and therefore to improving working conditions. That’s why we have been taking measures for several years to reduce accidents, prevent occupational diseases and improve working conditions.
    The job of order picker involves carrying loads and handling packages. Faced with this situation, we have designed ERGOSKEL, a physical assistance device, in partnership with the UTC – University of Technology of Compiègne.
    Equipped with a mechanical system, the user keeps his freedom of movement and his know-how at work, while reducing by 70% the muscular activity of the upper limbs and the back.
    Moreover, forklift trucks are at the heart of the movements of boxes and pallets from truck to shelves and at the forefront of our ambition to make the supply chain more responsible. They are very low-emission due to their indoor operation. Current thermal engines mostly use natural gas, or the forklifts are powered by electric batteries.
    In order to study the right energy flexion in terms of sustainability and working conditions, FM Logistic chooses to equip its warehouse in France, near Orléans, with 54 forklift trucks running on hydrogen fuel cells.

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