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Logistics Activities Zones (ZAL) – What are they? And what are their benefits?

In the dynamic world of logistics, optimization and efficiency are key to keeping supply chains moving. In this context, Logistics Activity Zones (ZAL) are presented as a fundamental…

On August 29, 2023

In the dynamic world of logistics, optimization and efficiency are key to keeping supply chains moving. In this context, Logistics Activity Zones (ZAL) are presented as a fundamental concept. In this article, we will explore what exactly these LAZ are and how FM Logistic – global logistics operator, leverages their benefits to offer innovative logistics solutions. Discover how these specialized zones are transforming the modern logistics landscape and contributing to a faster and more efficient flow of goods.

What are Logistics Activity Zones?

Logistics Activity Zones, also known as ZAL, are areas specially designed and planned to facilitate the efficient management of logistics operations. These areas are strategically located at key points, such as close to ports, airports or land transportation nodes, with the purpose of optimizing freight transportation services. ZAL offer advanced infrastructure that includes storage facilities, distribution centers, cargo handling spaces and customs services. Its main objective is to reduce transit times, minimize logistics costs and enhance collaboration between different actors in the supply chain, thus creating an environment conducive to efficiency and synergy.

Which are its functions?

Logistics Activity Zones play a crucial role in the supply chain by providing various functions that optimize merchandise management. These areas act as cargo consolidation and deconsolidation centers, allowing for more agile and efficient distribution. In addition, they house high-performance warehouses and advanced handling equipment to speed up the loading and unloading of products. ZAL also offer customs services and acquire an intermodal character by connecting different types of transport, such as road, rail and sea, facilitating the fluid transfer of goods between them.

Importance of Logistics Zones

The importance of the Logistics Activities Zones lies in their ability to improve the competitiveness of companies in a globalized market. By concentrating a wide range of logistics services in one place, SALs foster collaboration among supply chain participants and reduce lead times. This proximity between operators and logistics providers promotes greater efficiency and reduces the possibility of interruptions in the flow of goods, which is especially valuable in an increasingly fast and demanding commercial environment.

Benefits of Logistics Activity Zones

Logistics Activity Zones offer a series of benefits that drive efficiency and profitability in logistics operations. These benefits include the reduction of operative costs thanks to the sharing of infrastructure and resources, as well as the optimization of transportation routes. Furthermore, by facilitating the interconnection between different means of transport, ZALs contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly distribution. Agility in handling and storing goods also translates into improved response times, strengthening customer satisfaction and overall business competitiveness.

Main Logistics Activity Zones areas

Barcelona ZAL

The of Barcelona ZAL* is a strategic logistics area that acts as a gateway to the European, Asian and Mediterranean markets. Located in a privileged location, this logistics platform offers state-of-the-art facilities for the storage, handling and distribution of goods. Thanks to its direct access to land, sea and rail transport networks, the ZAL of Barcelona has become a nerve center of logistics operations that boosts the efficiency and competitiveness of companies in the region.

Valencia ZAL

The ZAL of Valencia* is a benchmark in the optimization of the supply chain and efficient logistics. Located near the Port of Valencia, one of the most important freight ports in the Mediterranean, this area offers first-class storage and distribution facilities. Its strategic location, connectivity with transport networks and modern infrastructures make the ZAL of Valencia a key hub for the agile and effective management of goods, facilitating trade both nationally and internationally.

Ferrol ZAL

The Ferrol ZAL stands as a strategic center for logistics and trade in the region. Located in a privileged position close to important transport infrastructure, this logistics area offers advanced solutions for the storage, handling and distribution of goods. Its proximity to ports and land and rail transportation networks facilitates connection with national and international markets. In addition to its role in logistics efficiency, the Ferrol ZAL contributes to local economic development by providing employment opportunities and business collaboration in a highly functional and modern environment.

Algeciras ZAL

Located in the heart of the port of Algeciras, the ZAL of Algeciras is an essential logistics enclave for international trade. With a strategic location connecting Europe, Africa and America, this platform offers comprehensive logistics solutions including warehousing, distribution and customs services. The ZAL of Algeciras plays a crucial role in the flow of goods between continents, maximizing efficiency and agility in logistics management.

Asturias ZAL

The Asturias ZAL* stands out for its focus on innovation and collaboration between companies. Located in an industrially relevant region, this logistics zone offers facilities adapted to current storage and distribution needs. In addition to its role in optimizing logistics processes, the ZAL of Asturias drives the economic growth of the region by promoting collaboration between companies and synergy in merchandise management.

Sagunto ZAL

The Sagunto ZAL is presented as a strategic point of logistics interconnection in the region. Thanks to its location near key transportation routes, this logistics zone is a vital intermodal node. Its modern facilities and advanced logistics services provide a platform for the efficient distribution of goods, improving regional connectivity and favoring the constant flow of products.

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