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FM Logistic becomes the first Spanish company to have electric tractor units for internal use

FM Logistic has set up a solution of electric truck tractors or, in other words, electric tractor units for the outside area of the warehouses at the facilities it operates…

On December 19, 2022

FM Logistic has set up a solution of electric truck tractors or, in other words, electric tractor units for the outside area of the warehouses at the facilities it operates in Valls (Tarragona), making it the first logistics company to use them. The electric truck tractors will be used to move the lorry trailers inside its facilities, between the loading docks and the waiting car park. 

With this action the work of the haulier is optimised because he can make other routes while FM Logistic Ibérica manages the loading or unloading of the goods from his trailer in a sustainable way in the warehouse. FM Logistic Ibérica can park the trailer in the waiting car park and thus leave free bays for subsequent loading or unloading of trucks. In this way, resources are optimised both within the warehouse and in the waiting hours of the drivers and the carbon footprint within the facilities is eliminated“, explains Óscar Reyes, director of FM Logistic Valls.

This investment is part of the company’s new positioning: “Supply Change“, which advocates a supply chain that promotes more responsible consumption and a more sustainable economy.

The electric motor generates no environmentally polluting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This concept translated into figures equates to a reduction of 90 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year or, in other words, the equivalent of planting almost 900 trees per year.  The engine has a high-capacity battery with 222 kilowatt hours (kWh), which translates into a range of approximately 14 hours.


The tractor’s new electric drive system requires fewer parts than the previous generation, which means a significant reduction in maintenance costs and energy consumption.

On the other hand, the cab is made of high-strength steel that complies with current European safety standards. Likewise, it is mounted on three anti-vibration rubber points, which improves the ergonomics of the operator. The cabin is designed to provide the operator with excellent all-round visibility. 

Proyecto ShineFleet

FM Logistic is also developing together with Técnicas Reunidas, Avia Ingeniería, Tecnalia and other partners, within the ShineFleet project supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation through the CDTI’s “Missions” programme, the first hydrogen electric tractor unit that will be able to perform autonomous manoeuvres such as docking at FM Logistic’s Illescas warehouse. Last week, different tests and data collection with the sensors were carried out in Illescas. This project, which began in 2020, is scheduled for completion in 2023. In a second phase, the tractor unit will go on the road and make deliveries in a sustainable way for customers. 

FM Logistic aims to become a reference partner for a sustainable omni-channel supply chain while meeting the demands of robustness, resilience, speed and cost-effectiveness. Supply Change’ speaks to our commitment to work together with our customers and partners in this direction and make a collective impact,” says Pablo Gómez, managing director of FM Logistic Ibérica.

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