FM Logistic and Save The Children sign an agreement to fight against inequality of opportunities among young people

FM Logistic, through its foundation, and Save The Children Illescas, a leading independent organization in the promotion and defense of the rights of children and adolescents,…

On March 3, 2022

FM Logistic, through its foundation, and Save The Children Illescas, a leading independent organization in the promotion and defense of the rights of children and adolescents, have signed a collaboration agreement to fight for the rights of children and adolescents in the region “so that all people have the same training and leisure opportunities regardless of the working and economic conditions of their families”, argues Zenaida Benjumea, delegate of the FM Foundation in Spain.

The event took place at Save the Children Illescas headquarters and was attended by Zenaida Benjumea, Ismael Elmimeh, coordinator of Save the Children’s child care center in Illescas, Sandra Quevedo, councilwoman of Childhood, Family, Health and Employment; Susana Fernández, Save the Children’s communication director; Marie-Laure Faure, director of the FM Foundation and José Manuel Tofiño, mayor of Illescas.

Solidarity actions

The agreement involves the achievement of several solidarity actions by FM Logistic. On the one hand, a financial donation for the acquisition of two interactive screens installed in the two centers managed by Save The Children in Illescas and for the planning of recreational-recreational excursions for about 60 children. On the other hand, training sessions and different activities will be organized and given by employees of the logistics company: “We will hold job orientation sessions to help the children learn about different employment options when they finish school,” says Álvaro Íñiguez, operations manager of FM Logistic Illescas.

In addition, visits will be organized to FM Logistic’s logistics warehouse in Illescas. Likewise, Save The Children families will attend the different corporate recreational days organized by the company. The aim of these actions is to provide them with alternatives for leisure and time.

Save the Children en Illescas

Save the Children has been in Illescas for more than 20 years and has helped more than 5,000 families at risk of social exclusion. “The work we carry out in Illescas is aimed at children and adolescents at risk of poverty and/or social exclusion. These are selected by the local social services. We also work in a complementary way with their families and people around them. The main intervention tools are education, leisure and free time, psychosocial support for children, adolescents and their families, and the improvement of employment skills in young people. “The collaboration of companies such as FM Logistic is essential to contribute to the goal of reducing socio-educational inequity. Also to facilitate access to education for children living below the poverty line so that they can get out of poverty thanks to this education,” explains Ismael Elmimeh.


During this day, FM Logistic Ibérica has also donated three laptops and four towers for desktop screens. This material will go to children and young people in this town who do not have access to a computer either for their school work or for leisure. “The reality is that many families do not have the resources to have a computer with internet at home,” says Ismael Elmimeh. The FM Foundation began collaborating with Save The Children more than a year ago as a result of the good relationship the Company has with the Illescas City Council. “We share the same values. The FM Foundation has two well-defined lines of action: one linked to labor insertion and the other to support disadvantaged children. In addition, the projects supported by the Foundation are driven and directed by FM Logistic employees and must be local projects. Projects close to our workplaces to encourage everyone’s involvement,” says Marie-Laure Faure, CEO of the FM Foundation.

The mayor of the municipality, José Manuel Tofiño, celebrated the arrival of projects by FM Logistic for Save The Children in Illescas. He also valued very positively that “the project fights against inequality of opportunities among young people“. Finally, Tofiño highlighted the importance of this union: “I reiterate my support and predisposition to welcome this type of collaboration, which is so necessary in the region”.

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