Consumer and market trends
Consumer and market trends

The power of an omnichannel supply chain: spotlight on four key benefits

Omnichannel retailing is changing the way businesses manage their supply chains. Companies that successfully navigate this shift are likely to gain multiple advantages.

On April 29, 2024

FM Logistic surveyed companies within the Consumer Goods, Retail, and Beauty & Luxury sectors, examining how advancements in omnichannel supply chains improve customer experiences. Let’s delve into the main advantages of an omnichannel supply chain.

One of the most significant changes in recent years is the shift toward omnichannel retailing, where businesses seamlessly integrate multiple sales channels, both online and offline, to provide a unified shopping experience. To continue delivering a good customer experience across sales channels, companies must shape their supply chain accordingly. This is challenging, yet it offers a multitude of advantages.

1 – Improved customer experience

An omnichannel supply chain allows retailers to enhance customer experience across all channels through seamless delivery and returns, faster delivery, order tracking and consistent information.

2 – Enhanced inventory management

Omnichannel logistics provides real-time inventory visibility, optimised stock levels, accurate demand forecasting and planning. In addition, the centralisation of inventory in strategic locations facilitates stock management.  

3 – Increased operational efficiency

Inventory optimisation, flexibility in order fulfilment, and enhanced resource utilisation can help companies improve their operational efficiency. This improved efficiency can lead to cost savings and better use of resources. 

4- Competitive advantage

Companies that successfully implement an efficient omnichannel supply chain gain a competitive edge and are better positioned to capture market opportunities. They are likely to see an increase in sales and revenues, gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour thanks to better data collection and analysis, and ultimately better satisfy their customers. 

“I think that the main benefit of an omnichannel supply chain is that it helps you to improve customer experience as you can merge your stock available at different channels and deliver the product from different channels.”

Director of Supply Chain at an FMCG company in France

Omnichannel success: enhancing customer experience and operational performance

Embracing an omnichannel supply chain greatly enriches the customer experience while enhancing inventory management and operational efficiency. This approach guarantees a smooth shopping experience across all platforms, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, it optimizes inventory levels and streamlines order processing, not only reducing expenses but also strengthening competitive advantage. These combined advantages underscore the critical role of an omnichannel strategy in contemporary business triumph. By recognizing the perks of an omnichannel supply chain, businesses can position themselves for success in an increasingly intricate and competitive market landscape. Explore further insights on omnichannel supply chain by accessing the report “Navigating the omnichannel revolution.”

FM Logistic surveyed 105 respondents across three sectors – Consumer goods (36), Retail (49), Beauty & luxury (20) – based in India (37), France (36) and Poland (32).

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